Einsteinian Time Dilation – At the Beginning of the Universe and Today!

A layman’s probings into the arcanities of Cosmology.

Since most intellectual leaders of society trust Darwin-Evolutionism to be confirmed technological know-how, a severe question arises – how long turned into that evolutionary duration all through the early epoch of our universe following the Big Bang – to the ones self-equal evolving organisms struggling to live on on newly-fashioned Earth? The elapsed time because the Big bang of thirteen.7 billion years in the past, and the formation of Earth a piece over four billion years ago, are properly-established by technological know-how, seeming to offer appropriately for an evolutionary time-body – whilst to challengers of Darwinism, even billions of years might be inadequate for the Evolutionary method theory (“random mistakes mutation”, “natural choice” and “survival of the fittest”) to have done the complexities of life. However, scientists who do venture Darwin theory, also undertaking the billions of years as now not being the scientifically correct answer to the question – because of time dilation Universal Darwinism.

(Note: studies in trendy international of computer generation, even of esoteric subjects, isn’t challenge to preceding time-consuming constraints: qualifications for taking Post-Doc lessons or poring over arcane research papers in college libraries – nowadays one simply “Googles or Yahoos” on a home PC – all information being, pretty actually, at one’s fingertips. The draw-returned, of route, is the shortage of explanatory insights with the aid of an at-hand professional – if needed for complete comprehension. Still, at the same time as likely missing the subtleties for total knowledge, it’s miles hoped that the essentials can be effectively grasped from Internet sources – they’re simply enlightening, maximum fundamentals virtually explained.)

Einstein’s “time-dilation” law. To start, it seems obvious that “passage-of-time” – as a “constant” everywhere – might be a natural assumption for nearly anyone – solidified in Star-Trek-kind films. (Why would every person suppose otherwise – as a good deal or even more so than a flat Earth being the herbal assumption to an unschooled farmer – understanding only of plains, valleys and hill farm-lands – unable to even understand the concept of a round Earth; why oceans and lakes at the “underside” would not drain off)? However, the ramifications of clinical discoveries (inclusive of the common constant – pace of mild) has caused awesome and non-apparent truisms – consisting of “time relativity” and “time dilation”.

For average people on Earth nowadays, it would seem ordinary to keep in mind something apart from one’s normal revel in with “time-passage” whilst deliberating the sector’s beginnings (we realize what we recognise: seconds – one, , three – mins, hours, days, months, years.) And yet, within the surroundings of the Big Bang, with the incomprehensible magnitudes of gravity and speed, the truth is massively different than one’s enjoy on 21st century Earth. Cosmologists G. L. Schroeder (“Genesis and the Big Bang”, “The Science of God”) and N. Aviezer (“In the Beginning”) explain the phenomena of “time relativity” – that “time”, as perceived and experienced – is distinct to observers in extraordinary locations, changing with differing character gravity and speed parameters. Comparing modern global to the aftermath of the Big Bang, the difference techniques “past belief”.

“A million-million component, as a mean, is the difference between our local belief of Earth time and cosmic time; it derives from the approximate million-million-fold stretching of light waves as the universe multiplied”;
“From Big Bang, we understand the temperature and .. Frequency of radiation energy in the universe at “quark confinement” (at temperatures below this price, Energy isn’t always changeable to Mass) .. [it is] now not a price extrapolated or estimated from .. Remote beyond or a ways out area .. [it is] measured . . Temperature about 1,000,000-million times hotter than the three degree-K area”;
” .. From that moment of quark confinement, radiation has been stretched 1,000,000-million-fold .. That stretching has slowed the frequency of the cosmic clock – expanding the “perceived time” by a [factor of a] million-million.” (Note: emphasis introduced.)

An Internet reference asks and answers: How large are time dilation effects? It only starts offevolved to grow to be huge at speeds near the speed of light: at 0.99c it’s miles 7; at zero.9997c it is forty; at zero.999 999 999 95c it is 2 hundred,000 – “time” being bogged down by means of the ones factors. If a proton particle (mass 1 GeV) struck Earth’s top ecosystem, the speed could be 0.999 999 999 999 999 999 999 995 c, and the time-dilation impact could be 10 to the eleventh electricity -the thirteen.7 billion 12 months age of the Universe could be shortened to handiest about a month. (Notes: 1) In addition to the effect of pace, there may be additionally gravitation, colossal at the beginnings of the Universe. 2) “approximately a month” – compares to the gravity and velocity parameters after the Big Bang, when cosmologists calculate the equivalency of 13.7 billion years to be handiest approximately six days.)
Other Internet gems:

“‘space’ is expanding, no longer ‘count number’ – the galaxies keep their size, the positions of the galaxies shift”;
a shifting clock ticks greater slowly than a desk bound one;
time-dilation consequences also effect upon each day residing – global positioning satellites. GPS was advanced by way of america Department of Defense, a satellite-primarily based navigation machine for the military; later prolonged to civilian navigation; more these days to the public, automobiles and hand held devices; it became fully operational in 1993.
The GPS system is based totally on the principle of the fidelity of the rate of light, and money owed for time dilation of transferring clocks within the satellites as well as clocks on Earth. The machine includes 24 satellites in excessive orbits, circling Earth at an altitude of approximately 12,000 miles with speeds of about eight,four hundred mi/hour. (Contrary to famous perception, GPS satellites aren’t in geosynchronous or geostationary orbits). At least four satellites are constantly seen from any factor on Earth; atomic clocks aboard are correct to a billionth of a 2d. The precision is phenomenal: even a simple hand held receiver, weighing only some oz, can decide one’s role at the floor of the Earth to within 5 to ten meters – in seconds. Clocks on board GPS satellites require periodic adjustment to synchronize with clocks on Earth, the difference between satellite and ground-primarily based clocks being 38 micro-seconds in step with day (Einstein’s General Relativity = 45; Special Relativity = – 7; total = 38 micro-seconds/day).

Now, returned to the authentic question: What become the period of the “evolution period” as experienced on Earth?

Looking backwards in time from modern day “elapsed-time wellknown”, the Cambrian Era with its “explosion of all life bureaucracy extant nowadays” (commentary from Earth sciences) became 530 million years in the past – however the happening itself, to the entirety on Earth (being “developed” consistent with Evolution concept) – became handiest on a single day, Day five, Cosmic time clock/calendar (Chart web page 89, “Brainwashed and Miracles”).

Thus, the time-period-availability for the Darwinian-evolution-concept (all animals plus mankind supposedly evolving by means of mutation and natural choice) probably could not have exceeded 24 hours here on Earth – the hard, clinical truth of time dilation need to therefore dispose of the idea of “eons of time” for Darwinian “mutation-choice-fittest”. Yet, by hook or by crook, living organisms did come approximately on Earth besides – so how? (Will the concept of Intelligent Design be accredited to go into mainstream attention?)

Scientists Drs. Russell Humphreys and John Hartnett, who are also Creationists, in their books and articles declare that our global is handiest about 6000 years old – widespread Earth time, primarily based on time dilation. (This concurs with Jewish Orthodox scholars, the Hebrew calendar starting after the “six days of Creation and the 7th day of Rest”, the prevailing being yr 5769).

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