If you want to know how to learn Spanish prepositional pronouns, I actually have a story to inform you a good way to no longer most effective assist you learn this topic of Spanish grammar but will also display you the significance of knowing this subject matter. I can do not forget one among my most embarrassing moments in learning Spanish as if it had happened the day past even though it happened greater than 10 years ago. Actually, now that I appearance lower back it became instead humorous.

There was a younger girl that worked as a waitress in a Colombian restaurant in a segment of Queens, New York called Jackson Heights. I might have lunch there approximately as soon as per week. The woman spoke little or no English.

I constantly ordered the same thing: Pollo, arroz, frijoles, ensalada de aguacate, y jugo natural. That’s chicken, rice, beans, avocado salad and herbal fruit juice.

Since I discovered her appealing, I ultimately decided that I was going to invite her in Spanish if she’d like go out on a date with me.

So I asked her “¿Quieres salir con yo?” That’s whilst she looked at me as though I was a three-headed monster. So I tried asking her some other manner. “¿Quieres comer con yo?” Now she became looking at me as if I had simply grown a fourth head.

So I tried asking some other manner “¿Quieres tomar con yo?”

At that point she all at once walked away and rushed over to the “gerente” or manager of the restaurant. I could not hear the whole thing that she was saying but it seemed like she changed into saying “ese hombre está loco” which means that “that guy is loopy.”

Next, I saw the supervisor walking toward me with a completely angry face. That’s after I concept to myself “Oh no, what I did I say incorrect now.” The supervisor who apparently spoke English fluently then requested me “what appears to be your hassle?”

I failed to recognize if I had said something offensive in Spanish or if the waitress changed into his spouse. So I stated to him “I am sorry if she’s your spouse. If I had regarded I could not have requested her to exit with me, and I might not have requested her if she wants to consume with me and drink with me.”

Practically yelling, he said to me “the problem isn’t which you requested her to go out with you. The trouble is your vulgar mouth.”

I replied “all I stated to her is ¿Quieres salir con yo? ¿Quieres comer con yo?” and “¿Quieres beber con yo?”

Fortunately, he knew what I turned into trying to ask and he corrected my Spanish and told me that I must have asked “¿Quieres salir conmigo?” (do you want to exit with me?)”¿Quieres comer conmigo?” (do you need to devour with me?) and “¿Quieres beber conmigo?” (do you want to drink with me?)

That’s after I all of sudden realized that in place of asking “Do you need to exit with me” I had asked “do you want to exit with I.” And as opposed to asking “do you need to eat with me or do you need to drink with me” I had asked do you need to eat with I or do you need to drink with I?”

That’s when I began to suppose. At best, I sounded a little like Shakespeare trying to talk Spanish. At worst, I used bad Spanish grammar.

“But wait a minute” I instructed the supervisor. At this point I was the only getting an angry face. “I may be a Gringo but I’m now not stupid sufficient to suppose that I said whatever vulgar to that woman. I simply used bad Spanish grammar!”

He then said “the phrase ‘con yo’ does not exist in Spanish anymore than the word ‘with I’ exists in English.”

He then introduced “however there is a phrase in Spanish that sounds much like the word ‘con yo’ and that phrase is ‘coño’ and it method ‘DAMN!”

So from trendy lesson, I wish that you found out the significance of understanding the prepositional pronouns in Spanish.

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