One of the greatest lack of knowledge and misconceptions of all times is that of human origin. This misconception has graduated into the existing human degradation, degeneration and depravation glaring in our international today. I am no longer interested in the extraordinary arguments with admire to human origin; but I am concerned with bringing sanity into our insanity and order in our present confusion Western Civilization.

The fine in every civilization is relative to the exceptional in human existence and operation. Every society or state rises or falls at the human civilization of that society or country. Thus, in our quest for creating a better global, we need to recognition on making better people. This has to begin with the investigation into the supply of human origin. This studies uncovers the reality of in which we got here from, who we are and where we’re going.

The global is split among principal faculties of notion on human foundation. There are people who consider that humans evolved from apes (Darwinists); and those who accept as true with that humans are direct creations of God (creationists). Considering each colleges of notion, one should see that, there is a place where the twin colleges of thought converge into one widely wide-spread attention; that of the truth of a best source from where lifestyles as an entire owes its beginning.

If Darwin referred to guy evolving from apes, it implies that, at the muse of the lifestyles of apes, there should have existed a superb have an effect on which orchestrated the life of apes. This is so due to the fact; there are no genuine findings on wherein apes themselves advanced from. Thus, apes which Darwin believes are the offspring of human life need to have owed their existence to a higher strength.

It is confirmed in physics that, not anything occurs by risk. An item is at a resting vicinity until a pressure is implemented to it. This force may be within the shape of affect or strength and so on. This research end in physics confirms the reality that, apes ought to have existed thru a best have an impact on considering the fact that not anything happens through danger.

The position of the creationists, who agree with that guy is an immediate creation of God, still reveals the underlined conventional focus of the existence of a splendid supply from in which lifestyles owes its origin. Thus, there’s a factor in which the dual colleges of idea meet collectively into one ordinary awareness “the life of a excellent source from whence life owes its origin”.

We may also have our differences in names attributed to the supply of lifestyles. What is more essential isn’t always the names attributed to the supply of life however the underlined commonplace attention of a ideally suited source from where existence owes its foundation.

The commonplace cognizance of a excellent source from where life owes its origin is expressed universally as people in all their labors and toils, strive to relate with the best source of existence. This is similarly manifested world huge through specific forms and religions, even supposing all the means employed won’t be true; however the underlined consciousness is authentic.

We can consequently finish that, human foundation is indebted to the existence of a ideal source from whence existence as an entire owes her origin. This answers the query on human foundation.

The idea of human life: It has been mounted above that, each the Darwinists and creationists percentage the identical established cognizance “the life of a supreme source from whence life owes its foundation”. Thus, human beings are not gadgets of destiny; neither are they an accident or a everyday twist of fate. Humans are creatures of goal.

There is a will and a concept which underline human existence, defining the parameters on which human beings are to stay and characteristic. Operating out of the need, intention and concept which underline human lifestyles is one of the finest human debacles. Thus, we are able to be investigating the desire, intention and idea which ought to have underlined human lifestyles.

It is set up that, lifestyles as an entire has best one source from wherein its diversities sprang from. The question is “why are humans specific in all of life? What makes up this area of expertise?” The solution to each questions embodies the technological know-how of what it surely manner to be human. Why are people specific?

If all of life owe its foundation to 1 preferrred source, with people extra bizarre and particular, it implies that, the desire, goal and idea which should have underlined human lifestyles is that; people are to be a special specie in all of lifestyles, sharing unique characteristics and attributes exclusive and advanced to those of other species of life; making people the managers of decrease species of life.

Think about it for a second. If it turned into not so, people will now not be made to possess the particular trends and features they possess.

The function occupied via humans in all of existence is intended to create in people a higher perspective with relative outcome on the way people live and function. This is what genuine civilization is all about; “human beings dwelling and functioning according to the desire, aim and idea of human life”. If this is absent then, people have fallen below their profile and standard in relation to existence as a whole, with relative consequences on decrease species of existence.

Whenever human beings live and feature under the expectation, goal and idea of their life, it’s far an illustration of a decline in human civilization; and this will have a resultant result of deterioration, degeneration and deprivation in human existence and capability, leaving life as a whole in disarray. This is where humanity and nature find themselves right now.

All over the sector, there are fallen standards. Humanity due to the lack of information of what it absolutely means to be human is dwelling and functioning in total dishonor to the human personality and fashionable. This has positioned different varieties of lifestyles in disarray; leaving the entire lifestyles without proper managerial effect.

Environmental degradation, international warming, pollution, extremism, terrorism, and many others. Are all recommendations to the truth that, people are negative managers of themselves and life as an entire.

The world is in a worldwide mismanagement disaster. Humans who had been to serve as managers of different sorts of existence and life are completely irresponsible. If this has to retain, I am afraid we will wake up one morning just to locate the entire earth in chaos. It is expedient that humanity regains the cognizance of who there are and in which they are coming from, to determine where they’re going.

Human dignity: Humans are special specie in all of life, sharing unique characteristics and attributes one of a kind and advanced to that of different species; making humans the managers of decrease species of lifestyles. The above difference of people from other varieties of life have to certainly instill in all people a sense of dignity. Dignity is an important trait in human satisfactory. An individual isn’t complete if such lacks a experience of dignity.

Human dignity should not be a function of material ownership or any external element, however the simple truth of our being humans. Thus, one’s heritage, race, ethnicity, u . S . A ., and so on. Must now not be a proscribing issue to at least one’s dignity but truly the experience of being human.

With recognize to human dignity, all of us are equal regardless of our color, race, ethnicity, united states of america. There is nothing as a advanced race; all humans have to view themselves as same.

The concept where different races view a few human beings as inferior is a back drop to human civilization. All people should posses a sense of dignity; it ought to be a accepted identification and awareness. Human dignity is a human proper.

Dignity is the feel of self worth, fee and respect. It defines an character’s self-worth, complicated, and self belief, which can be all necessary virtues for excellence in existence. When humans loose their dignity, it leads certainly to inhuman conduct. Nothing impacts humans of their manner of existence and functionality like a sense of dignity. To be human is to have dignity. Nothing can alternative human dignity. One ought to alternate his dignity for nothing.

A feel of dignity conjures up a high-quality mind-set closer to oneself and others. With recognize to oneself, dignity affects the behavior of an character and the way one lives his life.

A dignified man or woman will stay right, do the proper matters, get dressed properly, devour well, stay in a easy environment, relate properly with others, and many others. Indeed the list is countless. One can not stay above his feel of dignity.

The poor way in which people stay and do matters is actually due to their low feel of dignity. Any human society in which individuals lack a feel of dignity will unavoidably be a society with all kinds of inhuman mindset and behaviour.

Human development ought to enhance human dignity. Human dignity is a regulator to human mind-set and behaviour. Any gadget, be it political or religious which suppresses or oppresses, it is a curse to humanity.

A authentic political or religious system should encourage human dignity. This is essential in what it really method to be human. To be human is to have dignity.

As you study through this ebook, it’s miles critical which you regain yourself cost, worth, and respect. Say to your self I am someone going somewhere high quality with my lifestyles. Start to look your self that manner. Everything approximately human lifestyles rises or falls on human dignity. Don’t permit some thing thieve your dignity.

DR Benard Etta is an writer of 50 books, a Social scientist, visionary, educator, mentor, instruct and CEO of Nation Builders International, an educative and human useful resource company. Man of the year 2005, nomination through American Biographical Institute. Third most influential anglophone Cameroonian, nomination through a Cameroonian leading information paper (Cameroon Post) 2003. Honorary Doctorate diploma on special subject Human Resource Development, from life leadership University USA. And so on NATION BUILDERS INTERNATIONAL,