The ocean is very restless. Its restlessness, enormously, is never unsettling; it’s far peaceful. It is inspiring. So is your life. A few of your images, your actions, your speeches, indicates to me a restless soul. However, your restlessness appears so practical. It is deeply inspiring. It wishes me to dream extra and do extra.

Till these days, my restlessness would make me experience awful. Today onwards it’s going to make me do amazing matters. My restlessness will be packed with high-quality energy. My restlessness can be practical and significant. It will no longer be like a lamb that smells a tiger nearby and is scared to loss of life it’ll soon be devoured. It can be like the pulled string of the bow of an ace archer that is prepared to paintings and live its cause. It might be just like the restlessness of an innovator who has an extremely good concept. It could be like the restlessness of a child who has executed higher than predicted and wants to share his exploits together with his parents. It might be the restlessness of a devote who is approximately to revel in the divine.

On your birthday, my birthday present to you is, my restlessness will continually be fantastic. It will lead to cognizance, cause, evolution, and significant contributions. Just such as you dearest Bapu, I promise!

Nothing worthwhile can be carried out once I am busy feeling sorry for myself. When you were thrown out of the teaching, you did not resort to feeling sorry for himself. You took the initiative and moved into action. Rest is ‘history.

When you have been jailed more than one time, whilst Netaji left you and pursued armed struggle by way of raising an army, you probably did no longer lodge to feeling sorry for your self. You endured in your route doggedly through a method which you believed become proper. You lived a remarkable lifestyle.

There are instances in life after I experience tempted guilty, complain and locate an excuse to break out from growing an exquisite life for myself. How deeply I want, others should do it for me. Maybe it’s miles because life has been extraordinarily easy for me. Maybe, I had been pampered an excessive amount of. I suppose I prefer identical all the time. Ironically, Life has extraordinary plans. Hence, it tests me, nudges me, pushes me. It guarantees there are enough matters that don’t go my manner. When this happens, I sense sorry for myself. That is after I blame and wish, blaming will set things proper. Blaming seems like such a natural and handy reaction. I want to sense ‘further permit down’ whilst my blaming did no longer improve anything in my lifestyles. On your birthday, my birthday gift with Birthday Shayari to you is, I will in no way blame or whine or deliver excuses. Just like you, dearest Bapu, I promise…

Finally, your life is a superb instance of ‘Nothing terrific may be accomplished in lifestyles, without fantastic dreams.’ You had a brilliant purpose. Independence thru non-violence. Never before and never after, some other united states of America in this world has done independence through non-violence. Under your management, with the co-operation of the mass Indians did the terrific. You made them do it for you had and you stimulated others to have that superb aim.

Before I leave this planet, my dearest Bapu, we too might have performed a ‘few’ awesome things. I promise!

My darling Reader buddies, could you want to gift something to Bapu? That might be a nice manner to have a good time on his birthday, isn’t it? He is no extra there with us but each birthday he gifts us a holiday. How approximately a return gift for him?

Oh yes, do don’t forget, once a gift is given, it can’t be taken lower back. This way, a promise you’re making needs to be a promise so that it will be fulfilled. I consider, our darling Bapu is anticipating our presents.

With loads of love, prayers and excellent wishes,